Imagine an apparel store

You are the consumer in a retail store looking for a shirt . You went around the store and picked the 3 best designs, looked for your size and then marched to the change room.

Are these the questions crossing your mind?
  • Are these the best of the shirt designs or are there some more?
  • Does this size fit me the best? Or do I need to come back?
  • Have I seen all the designs in store?
With so many questions, and so few answers, it doesn’t take long for shopping to become an unpleasant experience.

What if ?

  • You stand in front of a mirror that seems to possess magical powers.
  • You can see all the designs available in the store for your size.
  • The mirror can show you how you look with a specific shirt/dress on you (without you wearing that dress)
  • You could pick your perfect shirt standing right there in front of the mirror
  • You spend the rest of the evening having a really good time!

MagicMe will now make it happen

This is not science fiction - it's happening. Aagnaa technology – which incorporates body-size interactive digital mirrors - is being located in both high end retailers as well as small retailers.