• MapMe scans your (the customer's) body
  • All the body values are recorded into the master server.
  • At different touch points, your body parameters are automatically monitored. For example, if you are going to a gym, and the gym equipment is connected to the Internet, your body parameters will be monitored and any abnormal condition will immediately be notified to key concerned people like his doctor and spouse through Internet.
  • This scenario can be anywhere. It could be that you are on an international business trip. Let’s say you are seated on a smart chair (one that is connected to the Internet) at an airport. Suppose there is a sudden change in your body parameters. Your doctor and folks back home get immediate alerts that you need attention. So, with this technology, you are never alone. Care is assured forever.
All this happens without your knowledge. It is so hassle-free. Yet, it provides Omnicare, on 24x7 basis.