Have you ever got your perfect size/fit dresses? No, the reason is manufacturers of ready-made garments follow standardized measure to produce dresses in a mass scale. But, every individual’s body is unique, and our body changes its size and shape based on our work life style. When one size does not fit all, then how can we ensure a perfect fit for every consumer?. Use Aagnaa’s MapME.

MapME can measure your body and give you the measurement details using which you can buy your dresses that fits you perfectly. You can use the measures to customize your dresses, and tailors can use this measure to stitch your garments to your needs, to your size, to your fit.

MapMe is also evolving as a wellness solution. Our product road map has details related to connecting the MapME product with sensors, wearable devices and other gadgets to help every individual’s needs on With MapMe, your entire information related to physical condition passed on to the right recipient (doctors, family members, emergency contacts etc).

MapMe is thus a giant leap in improving the responsiveness of care to people around the world. In a connected world, individuals’ body parameters are under constant vigil . And not just that, once an individual’s profile is mapped through MapMe, he/she can decide to connect to the right eco-system for real-time monitoring.