The Future of Lifestyle is Here and Now!

Are you interested in creating your own fashion statements? Do you need a merlin mirror to do that?

What happens when happening lifestyle meets cutting edge technology? What happens when sparks of innovation light up the future of shopping? When intelligence is embedded into everyday objects to improve the quality of life?

All of us are always interested to work with products in real-time. More we know about the products better for us in decision making. How to know more details about the product without touching them?

Well, one name is firmly in the saddle of Internet of Things (IOT) technology to dress up the future like never before and to help you see a million possibilities - right here, right now!
Welcome to Aagnaa. Our solutions are dramatically changing some things that affect your life.


If you are an aggressive retailer: - click on MagicMe to open the magical doors of giant leap in cutting costs and improving profitability.

If you are connected with fitness and wellness: - click on MapMe to explore the future of wellness management.


Build connected experiences quickly and easily to get your devices, apps and services working together


Turn prototypes into products at the push of a button.


Manage batches of products no matter the size, one or one million, and support your devices in real time


The Aagnaa developer community includes the most inspired and supportive developers, who regularly create revolutionary projects that simply have to be seen to be believed. Our strengths are innovation and scaling


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